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Never thought I would see

Day and night in the same day…

To admire the moon parade in front of the sun

For a few summer minutes stay.

A solar sign from heaven – our maker letting us know

The true significance of His creation

The moon and sun and in the unknown.

With the sun so large and powerful…

Many will ask what is this?

There a time when all is aliened

And it reveals this mystery called “the solar eclipse.”

Who thought the sun could ever be blocked?

The passage of light momentarily interrupted.

Day light is put on a pause

As nature takes a break for the cause

It’s night time in the day time

And the moon is leading it all.

Not since 1918

Almost a century… 100 years ago

Did mankind look up and witness…

The dimming of the sun and all its hidden glow

Who will ever see this again,

Nobody really knows… surely not me!

An act of nature that just had to be seen

Seen in person… the Solar Eclipse of 2017!

Frank Clay, Author

P.O. Box 26366

Overland Park, Kansas 66213

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