It Was Easy

It was easy
To check you out
And, to check you in…
You had my number in your heart from the start.
Reserved for the V.I. P.
And the special one you know… happens to be Me.

It was easy
To pick you up
And, through out… a quick shout out,
As you walked away
I called to you… “Hey…”
And you said…”Here Baby… right here Baby.”

It was easy
To wrap you up and to ring you down.
Real love sealed the deal in the end.
You’ve been my best friend
And I took a chance for a spin…
And Bingo… and now You know…

It was easy
Letting the time go by
Seeing you through my own eyes
Beauty resting in the eyes of the Beholder
And now as I get older
I want to thank God for giving me You.

Dedicated to D.J. and Tyesha married Friday, August 20, 2010

Uncle Francis Clay, Jr.

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